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Touch Down Mary
Touch Down Mary
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September 23, 2014


You don't need a Ticket
To ride "Halation Lines."

Colors define our seasons,sentiments,
celebrations, and religion...

And this past Saturday was RED!

And Our Lady of Ransom makes today GREEN!

Red and Green are complementary
Mixed together they will make a neutral ground

Of Grey...

Some-days my smile is just too big
for others who are unhappy to understand...
I just light up seeing

Simple truths as basic as color
defining PEACE and giving HOPE!

The song Iko Iko won't leave my mind right now...
as it too illustrates

an iconic display of Red and Green!
Jockomo Fehna---> VERY GOOD!

Some call it VooDoo, Folk Lore, Liturgy, Myths...

Running the COLORS is innate to our humanity...

And WE ALL do it... sometimes with intention and quite often unconsciously...

When a Spirit collides with a wardrobe...

I call it a protest... If I hadn't noticed
the neutral I wouldn't have seen
the subtle gentle Green because of the vibrant Red

The truth is that we aren't even the color of our skin.

The pretense of learning provides factual proven data...

Innocence is part of newness and unknown like children learning and the on going learning all through life.

To see without pretense... we should all strive for that.

One must squint and look past the objectivity...

to see what all is really there...

Watch this current change in seasons is like watching The Battle of the Tribes is playing out again... and it's September.

This year has to die for a birth before we can really celebrate Mardi Gras.

And that's when we dance and sing Iko Iko!


Freedom must be in the AIR!