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Communion Commune
Communion Commune
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September 09, 2014

Oh, Cooper....

In 2000, I told you the new currency was a triangle.
You said, "No, its wires." And now Buck the Minister
Is a 99% Fuller because the triangle was wired.

The triangle is a perfect 2 against one for scapegoating.

When I need money, I am hungry and get HANGRY!

You call my poetry schizophrenic because I told you...

I need money too. Oh... shaking my head...

MALE and FEMALE are both HUMANS subject to weakness...

Did you forget your Bull Taurus is ruled by
Venus that stood by Vulcan while he hammered
for the children... the artists...

The beautiful GRACE, I got from the Eucharist... is that its
Round with both sides given and giving 100% to each other.

To deny the partnership means you too believe in the scapegoat
Triangle. And that makes me White 4 Orange and Pure 4 Change.

My name is Jean-Marie... I'm kind of like Willie Nelson's boy named
Sue ---> but the girl named John. So that when you scapegoat/screw me

I know how to Jane Frances de Chantal the Forgiveness.

Just look at this picture of me... something just ain't right
because that man is stuck in the middle too.

Thank you for the Music and the Song I'm signing
because we Built this City on Rock 'n Roll